nBlocks rocks the Switch today

Block-rockin' beats

12 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

RedDeer.Games’ new creation, nBlocks, is coming to Nintendo eShop. All the beloved animals and plans are now in blocky form, ready to be built from the ground up. And for the creatives out there – freestyling nBlocks is also a thing. The game will be available on Switch later today.

Creating something colorful without using paints? Oh, it is indeed possible. nBlocks is all about building with blocks of various colors and shapes. Thankfully, they’re all in the switch, so no one has to pry them away from each other and chip a tooth in the process…

The players will be able to choose from many templates to block on – such as chickens, mushrooms, or even various land and air vehicles. It’s like a coloring book but with a block base instead of a canvas, and shapes in place of brushes.

For those who want to fully claim their creative freedom, there is also a freestyle mode – where the blocks are at the player’s command! There are no templates to fill, the block base awaits for a burst of creativity and color. A man on a boat, a very well-stocked fridge, or a teddy bear with a big heart – all is possible in nBlocks.

Whether the players prefer creating a whole gallery in freestyle and building to the hearts’ content or filling out over 90 ready-to-be-block’d templates – creativity will be key.

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