Umbraclaw demo now available on Switch

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12 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Today, INTI CREATES has released a demo for their upcoming 2D action adventure game Umbraclaw on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This demo gives players a chance to try the feline action game ahead of the May 30th, 2024 release date.

The contents of the demo are substantial, including the tutorial, free-roaming hub stage, and 2 complete stages with boss battles. You can also check out the character growth system for Kuon as you explore for crystals that will allow you to upgrade her abilities and survivability in the harsh environment of the Soulplane.

For those who don’t know, Umbraclaw is a new 2D side-scrolling action game stars Kuon, a cat who has tragically died and finds himself in the underworld known as the Soulplane. He must journey through the perilous afterlife to find a way back home and reunite with his owner. If you’ve been eager to see more gameplay, you can find a ton of it in the live-stream above. Coming from “Blaster Master Zero” series director Satoru Nishizawa, players can expect a challenging action game starring a cool-but-cute protagonist. They’ll use the “Anima Revive” system to gain new abilities from the souls of other animals.

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2M ago

played the demo (if its the same one) a month or 2 ago during the steam demo fest thing, kinda fun, a bit stiff game but rewarding the more you die with more options, kinda interesting leveldesign though and i wonder if you can beat it without dying even once to unlock abilities.