Japanese hotel to offer Monster Hunter-themed rooms

Even a monster hunter has to rest

12 April 2024
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Capcom has already revealed a ton of events and announcements for the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter, but today brings us one more, and it’s for those who love to travel.

Capcom and Hotel Associa Toyohashi have announced that they’re teaming up to create a pair of rooms that will be Monster Hunter themed. The rooms will be available to book from April 24th to July 31st, 2024 and you can get a peek at what the decor will look like in the image above.

The rooms will allow for an individual or two people to spend a night for roughly $213, which honestly isn’t all that bad in terms of hotel pricing. That said, pricing can go higher or lower depending on what time of the year you’re booking, so if you’re visiting during a heavy tourist season, expect to pay more. You can also add in a third person, but that bumps up the price to $259 a night.

These rooms don’t just look the part, as they’ll also come with Monster Hunter-themed amenities as well. Those who book a stay will be able to take home a towel with an illustration of a Felyne and Poogie sleeping on a bed, a set of three postcards, and a ticket to ride a train with Monster Hunter livery.

Even the hotel’s lobby is getting in on the Monster Hunter fun, as it’ll feature a life-sized footprint of Rathalos. This all dovetails perfectly with the Monster Hunter 20th anniversary plans for Toyohashi City, which will see multiple buildings decorated with Monster Hunter accoutrement, along with a digital stamp rally for visitors to take part in.

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