Doll Explorer has been updated to Ver. 1.0.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Fixed an issue that made it impossible to progress if you select “Book of Explosive Flame Circle” from the “Spellbook” tab in the “Buy Back” menu and then tried to move the cursor down.

Fixed a bug where switching between L and R tabs would not work when the cursor was on a specific item in the “Repurchase” menu.

Fixed an issue where the camera would go to an unintended location when pausing while moving left or right with the cursor that can refer to grid information during battle.

Fixed a bug that caused the game to hang when opening a treasure chest using the “Explorer’s Box” or “Telekinesis” skills.

Fixed a bug that made it impossible to progress when trying to unlock “Event: Daily Life of Three People” or “Event: My Partner” in the survival dungeon without enough points.

Fixed a bug where relic information was not displayed in the Survival’s Clear Screen

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