For this year’s Pokémon Day, Pokémon Co. shared a whole bunch of news on updates for current games, along with the reveal of some new projects. One of those reveals was for Pokémon Legends Z-A, which is making its way to Switch sometime in 2025.

While Pokémon Co. has been tight-lipped about the game ever since its reveal, a new feature rounding up details on Pokémon Legends Z-A just popped up in the latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine. You can see the two-page spread for the game below.

CoroCoro didn’t really have much to work with in covering the game, as so little is known at this point. Here’s the tidbits they reiterated in the feature:

  • The game will be about the Lumiose City Urban Redevelopment Plan
  • The “lore” surrounding Mega Evolution will be explored again
  • Zygarde may play a significant role

Hopefully we get some fresh details on this interesting title sometime in the near future. Whenever the next tidbits drop, we’ll make sure to share them with you!

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