The future-thinking minds at Nunchaku Games studio have announced that hand-drawn martial arts adventure Moon Samurai has launched its Kickstarter campaign. Currently planned for Switch, the sci-fi love letter to 80s and 90s action movies promises to blend dystopian cyberpunk lunar colony landscapes with muay thai, kung fu, and boxing bouts when it launches in late 2025.

Support the game today to receive a digital copy upon release, have your pet appear in-world, become a boss designer, and more ahead of the campaign’s end.

Moon Samurai is set in the year 2080. RAM City, a lunar city-state, is in decline. Military factions and a totalitarian government are fueling a war of independence with Earth. On the eve of all-out destruction, protagonist Buddy escapes imprisonment with the help of an artificial intelligence named DANAO_X. The duo join forces to rescue their city and the moon at large from complete annihilation. War begins in 24 hours. It’s time to let fists fly.

Armed with cyber-implants, martial arts skills, skull-crushing nunchaku, and, of course, an energy katana, become the destined Moon Samurai and parkour across vibrant pixel-art lunar cityscapes, artificial jungles, secret military laboratories, nightclubs, an out-of-control spaceship, and other meticulously crafted locations.

Crack a blue-haired street punk’s head with a pool cue or smash a chair into a bouncer with environmental object interactions. Take down challenging but fair bosses like the electrifying Shinwa or jetpacking Akoto. Pass tests of strength, wit, courage, honor, and compassion to unlock one of several distinct endings driven by player choice. Fueled by a head-bobbing synthwave soundtrack, Moon Samurai takes inspiration from legendary action-adventure games like Streets of Rage, Prince Of Persia, and Flashback.

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