Have no fear, Venture is here! Get the lowdown on Venture’s latest run in with Talon and play them in Season 10: Venture Forth TODAY. Venture and all other Heroes are unlocked immediately for everyone who has completed the new player experience. Venture will also be available in Competitive at launch.

Today, Blizzard also revealed more details about the Mythic Shop, a new way for players to choose which Mythic Skins they want to collect. Starting today with the launch of Season 10, players can earn Mythic Prisms via the Premium Battle Pass and redeem them in the Mythic Shop to unlock various Mythic Skins.

Earn Mythic Prisms in the Premium Battle Pass: Starting on Tier 8, you’ll collect 8 Mythic Prisms every 10 tiers until Tier 78.

At Tier 48, you’ll be able to unlock the base level of Mythic hero skin that you want to collect. Once you complete Tier 78 of your Premium Battle Pass, you’ll earn enough Mythic Prisms to unlock the remaining customization levels for your Mythic hero skin.

Choose your Mythic: Mythic Prisms can be redeemed in the Mythic Shop, dedicated entirely to collecting Mythic hero skins.

Each season, you can spend your Mythic Prisms on the newest Mythic hero skin released that season or choose from your favorite Mythic hero skins released in earlier seasons.

The featured Mythic hero skin for each season will only be available for a limited time to redeem—the length of that season—then cycle out of the Mythic Shop for the following two seasons. You can continue to upgrade your owned Mythic hero skins with levels of customization even after that skin leaves the Mythic Shop after their feature season ends.

Level Up Your Mythic: Each Mythic hero skin will now have multiple levels of unlockable customization, with the base level unlocked for 50 Mythic Prisms.

Your base skin will include one set of customizations, along with other cool features such as voice effects, voice interactions, animations, or unique VFX that make you stand out on the battlefield.

You then can level up your Mythic hero skin with up to three more levels of customization. Each additional level requires 10 Prisms and will unlock access to additional cosmetic configurations, color options, and weapon styles.

Skin levels need to be progressed and unlocked sequentially as you work your way to the top level and unlock all of the customizations for your Mythic hero skin.

To find the full patch notes for today’s update, check out the complete breakdown here.

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