Penny's Big Breakaway demo now available

Doesn't even cost 1 cent!

16 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The demo for Penny’s Big Breakaway is AVAILABLE NOW! Swing, whirl, ride & soar your way to a breakout performance all while evading the Emperor’s penguin army!

Join Penny and Yo-Yo in a 3D platforming adventure from the team that brought you Sonic Mania. Swing, dash, flip and trick your way over 11 colorful worlds and 40 levels. Use tasty treats to temporarily transform Yo-Yo, granting it abilities to improve movement speed, protect Penny from harm and much more!

Evade capture and the Emperor’s endless penguin army by employing a variety of yo-yo acrobatics and transformations. Plus, show off your speedrunning skills in Time Attack Mode, and redeem coins you’ve collected for bonus items, stages and unlockable extras. Discover your true star power in Penny’s Big Breakaway, now available on Nintendo Switch!

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