Super Mario Sunshine has been done-and-dusted since 2002. Nintendo released the GameCube title to mostly favorable reviews, but the game continues to be one of the most divisive entries in the Mario franchise decades later. There’s no doubt it has millions of diehard fans though, and it’s that group who’ll be ecstatic with today’s news.

A modder named Portable Productions clearly wanted more Super Mario Sunshine in his life, so he took on the task of building new content for the game, but it’s actually something old. PP has taken inspiration from the Spaceworld 2001 version of Super Mario Sunshine to recreate what was shown at Nintendo’s big event decades ago.

The Spaceworld 2001 version of Super Mario Sunshine had elements that made it into the final game, but there were plenty of things that got left on the cutting room floor. Boss encounters, stage tweaks, completely reworked areas and so much more were present, and PP is doing their best to bring those elements back to life in their mod.

Once the mod is complete, you can expect new mechanics, enemies, complete redesigns, a completely original soundtrack, additional bosses, a fully-working train system and much more. Make sure to keep an eye on this one!

Thanks to CM30 for the heads up!

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