If you’re a Switch Online Expansion Pack member, you have access to a healthy set of Game Boy Advance titles. They all play just fine with the Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controller, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy these titles with a more traditional feel? Well, thanks to a new fan-made cartridge, that’s now a possibility.

If you’ve got a Game Boy Advance, GBA SP or Game Boy Micro, you could be using it to play your Switch thanks to the GBA Bluetooth TX cart from modder insideGadgets. As the name indicates, this magic is performed through Bluetooth connection, using a GBA to play Switch much like the 8BitDo Zero 2 wireless controller does as well.

If you’re worried about lag introduced by the Bluetooth connection, you’ll be happy to know the GBA Bluetooth TX cart has a refresh rate of 2ms. You’ll also be able to buy one of these for yourself, but it comes in at a rather pricey $90. If that seems like a fair price, you can snag your cart here.

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