Ahead of SaGa Emerald Beyond’s launch, Square Enix has shared some new details on Mr. S, the character you see in the image above.

Mr. S will offer up trials for the player to tackle, and passing them nets you items and point rewards. For example, there will be an opportunity for a Trial Rank of 1 player to take on the 150% Combo Rate, Clean Sweep, and Preemptive Execution trials. Clearing those earns the player Ironstone, five Spirit Stones, and four Trial Point Rewards.

Mr. S can also help players by teaching them about various abilities. Setting Mr. S as a tutor will help characters master skills throughout battles. Once battle thresholds are hit, new skills will be earned for use through a license. You can also take a look at the Tutelage Regimen to see what’s up to earn licenses for.

Embark on a journey with six unique protagonists when SaGa Emerald Beyond launches for the Nintendo Switch on April 25th, 2024. SaGa Emerald Beyond promises to bring together the very best elements of the storied SaGa series to offer each player their own unique gameplay experience.

The six venture to the myriad of worlds for their very own personal reasons: One, a human on a mission to protect the barrier defending his city; another, a witch trying to regain her lost magic while maintaining her disguise as a schoolgirl; and yet another, a vampire lord out to regain his crown and reclaim the throne as the rightful king of his world. Even selecting the same protagonist for a second–or third or fourth–playthrough will lead to completely new events and stories, a completely fresh path and experience.

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