Expeditions: A MudRunner Game has been updated to Ver. You can check out the patch notes below.


  • Bridges and avalanches bugs has been solved
  • The bug that allowed the sale of previously sold tyres has been fixed
  • During the tutorial, you only have access to the necessary and utilitarian buttons that are useful in the pop-up for some significant reasons, such as Menu, Minimap, and Brake. The tire Inflation System and the Interaction With Zone hints in the tutorial disappear after using the LBM button
  • Objective models appear correctly on the deploy zones after they were opened as rewards
  • The empty notifications after completing a quest stage have been removed
  • The minigame’s camera angle in the side quests Tourism Season and Fossil Photos has been corrected
  • Added a pop up that warns the player about resetting progress of side activities before leaving an expedition
  • Changed controls for the Tire inflation system – to accept or exit from this window, use the ‘Esc’ button
  • All outposts have been given a vehicle landing limit of 4 (previously it was 2)
  • The bug making cars fall into the rock while using the Jack-Screw has been fixed
  • Currency is awarded for selling non-quest items from inventory
  • The fake zone in the expedition “A Day in the Life” now displays correctly
  • It is now possible to complete the quest “Air Delivery”
  • Controls in the Tutorial work properly after skipping the Echo sounder stage
  • The Drone Camera’s signal changes depending on the currently used specialist
  • Frame modules are saved after re-entering the game
  • Fixed the Metal detector that indicated an non-existent upgrade zones


  • Opening the pause menu while using the Metal Detector does not disable the Back button
  • In the Garage, the ‘new’ label now disappears after clicking on the customization menu when there is only one item in a category
  • The Map automatically focuses on an active truck right after being opened
  • A Time skip button has been added to the Map
  • The icon is displayed for Eastern outpost on Elusive Fauna map
  • The Summary window shows prices of all item for sale before leaving expeditions
  • The icons of the base modules are now centered


  • Collisions of consumables have been disabled on the vanilla trucks
  • Fixed missed hubs on the Step 310E (high suspension and ultimate)
  • Reordered the skins for YAR 87, ANK 38, and Khan Marshall, placing special skins at the top of the list and adding new skin’s icons.
  • The Scout 800 has been added as a free truck with a unique skin
  • Free skins have been added for ANK, YAR and Khan Marshall
  • Added vanilla skin for Tuz 108 which is unlocked for PROS registration
  • Fixed the bug that allowed the sale of previously sold tyres
  • Changed price of default wheels to 0 credits in order to prevent abuse in the in-game economy
  • Stones no longer get stuck to the Loadstar 1700’s suspensions


  • The texts on the Radial menu no longer cuts off after changing game localization
  • Fixed a Siesmic vibrator’s tutorial hint.
  • Added descriptions for modules in the Modules window
  • Added Czech localization on PROS screens in the Main Menu
  • Fixed the descriptions of the “Altar” quest

Mod support

  • The ‘Add Model’ window now fits onto the screen
  • The link to the Expedition’s guides on the Editor’s panel has been updated
  • The navigation buttons work correctly when there are no mods available in the Mod browser


  • Improved honk sounds for trucks Tuz 16, Tatra Force, Step 310E, Loadstar 1700, Don 71
  • Improved sounds of sliders and clicks in the Photomode
  • The sounds when the water and a truck interact have been adjusted

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