Just last week, Gameloft announced a host of changes and tweaks for Disney Speedstorm, and one of the planned adjustments riled up fans like none other.

Among a huge rundown of revamped elements, Gameloft revealed that Disney Speedstorm Golden Passes would no longer be purchasable with Tokens, and would instead only be available as a direct purchase. Not surprisingly, fans were irate over the move, as now they’d have to cough up real-world cash to get content that was previously attainable with in-game currency.

While Gameloft hasn’t officially confirmed a backpedal on this stance, it does seem like one is in the works. The official Disney Speedstorm Twitter account shared the following message, and you can see why it’s giving fans hope. (h/t VGC)


Once Gameloft shares full details on payment adjustments and more going forward, we’ll be sure to bring you the complete rundown.

UPDATE: Gameloft has now shared their revised plans for payment changes. You can read the notes below.

After the latest Community Pit Stop, we heard from players who had previously purchased Tokens with the intention of using them to unlock the premium tier for future Golden Passes. We are making the adjustment that players will be able to purchase Golden Pass Credits from the in-game Shop for 990 Tokens each. The option to purchase these Golden Pass Credits with Tokens will be available until May 16.

A single Golden Pass Credit can be used to unlock the premium tier of the Golden Pass for either Part 1 or Part 2 of any future season, including the upcoming Season 7.


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