A micropatch has been released for Omega Strikers on Nintendo Switch. You can see the patch notes for this micropatch below.


New Gameplay Rule

We’ve heard your feedback on this one. We’re reverting the “ability cooldown from striking the core” change that came with the Season 3 update. The original goal was to add additional gameplay depth by giving players the opportunity to make more dynamic decisions around what to do with the Core once they have possession. However, it’s become apparent that this new rule has negatively impacted game pacing and promoted some unhealthy play patterns.

  • Hitting the CORE with an ability will continue to reset your STRIKE cooldown (once per ability cast).
  • Hitting the CORE with strike now reduces your ability cooldowns (Removed)

Maps and Modes


  • We’re aware of the issue of not displaying which team is 1st pick in the draft order.
  • We’re exploring some solutions to see if we can amend this in a future patch.



The weight of the world is proving a little much for Atlas. We’re increasing the uptime of his ranged tools to compensate him.

  • Astral Projection [PRIMARY]
  • Cooldown :: 9s → 8.5s


Finii was kinda bad, now she will be good?

Base Stats

  • Speed :: 460 → 470
  • Power :: 90 → 95


Goalie Kai is running circles around the competition, we’re bumping his cooldowns a touch to give the rest of the cast some breathing room. As much as Kai probably dislikes that.

  • Barrage [PRIMARY]
  • Cooldown :: 11s → 12s
  • Giga Blast [SPECIAL]
  • Cooldown :: 20s → 22s


Mako’s struggling to find her footing this patch. With this change she may knock some other players off their footing too, so I guess that makes them even?

  • Perfect Pitch [PRIMARY]
  • Projectile Base PvP Damage and Knockback :: 100 (+50% Power) → 105 (+52.5% Power)
  • i.e. Fully charged player hit with no Awakenings :: 310 → 326
  • Projectile Base Core Knockback :: 1180 (+100% Power) → 1190 (+105% Power)
  • i.e. Fully Charged Core hit with no Awakenings :: 1613 → 1632


Reverting this preemptive nerf on Octavia. She did not need it. Sorry Octy.

  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
  • Cooldown :: 20s → 18s


X got way too buff way too fast this patch… what’s his diet anyway? We are stepping and hitting him with some immediate action from us.

  • Bell Ringer [PRIMARY]
  • Cooldown :: 8s → 10s
  • Bull Rush [SECONDARY]
  • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 210 (+105% Power) → 190 (+95% Power)
  • Core Knockback :: 1385 (+202.5% Power) → 1360 (+190% Power)
  • Strike Diameter :: 325 → 315


Might of the Colossus

The Colossus was a bit more mighty than we intended.

  • Power per 1% Size :: 1 → 0.75


I’m allergic to bees :(

Normal hit burn :: 10% → 9% Light hit burn :: 3.33% → 3%

Reptile Remedy

This remedy wasn’t able to keep up with the damage, we’re increasing its healing powers with some new ingredients.

  • Missing health heal per second :: 3% → 4.5%

Quick Strike

Since we’re removing the strike CD change, we’re reverting the Quick Strike nerf that was affected by it.

  • Strike Cooldown Reduction:: 15% → 20%
  • Energy gain :: 2 → 1

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