TERAVIT has been updated to Ver. 001.89 on Nintendo Switch. You can see the full patch notes for this latest update below.

New Additions & Changes

Added the feature “Gimmick Copy Tool,” which allows players to copy certain gimmicks and place them in other locations.

The “Gimmick Copy Tool” has the following functions:

  • Copying specific gimmicks
  • Placing copied gimmicks
  • Loading previously copied gimmicks

The following gimmicks can be copied with the item “Gimmick Copy Tool”:

  • Event Editor
  • Map Pins
  • Launch Rings
  • Mode Items, Vehicles, Monster/Animal Spawners
  • Information Boards
  • Conversation, Craft, Clerk NPCs
  • BGM Speakers
  • Teleport Portal
  • Various Gacha Machines
  • Treasure Chests
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Various Markers
  • Skin Shops
  • Moving Assets

In the Build Mode inventory, the order of “Tools/Gimmick” items has been changed to accommodate the addition of new tools.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the issue where an error occurred and players couldn’t withdraw an item after registering it through “Registering Item For Purchase”.
  • Fixed an issue where, when creating a World, if the player left without saving, a dialog saying “Failed to synchronize World Data” would be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting buttons such as time change in cursor mode would cause cursor mode to be deselected when playing in Build Mode with a gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where when touching a temporary spawn point after completing an achievement would sometimes not work.
  • Fixed an issue in the Event Editor where the “!” mark was not displayed when a certain appearance was selected.

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