Pixel Games UK is pleased to announce ‘The Epyx Collection Handheld’ — a collection of six classic Atari Lynx games coming to Nintendo Switch™ on April 25th. The collection includes fond favourites ‘California Games’, ‘ElectroCop’, ‘Blue Lightning’, ‘Gates of Zendocon’, ‘Todd’s Adventures in Slime World’, and ‘Zarlor Mercenary’.

Developed by Imagine Software, these six retro classics are packed with late 80s / early 90s nostalgia and are just as fun and challenging to play today as they were when they were first released — each of them available on Nintendo Switch for the first time.

‘California Games’ (1989)

Experience the laid-back vibe of the West Coast through a series of extreme sports challenges including surfing, skateboarding, BMX biking, roller skating, flying disc (frisbee), and footbag (hacky sack). With its vibrant graphics and dynamic gameplay, ‘California Games’ captures the essence of the 1980s beach culture, offering a fun and nostalgic trip to the sunny shores of California.

‘ElectroCop’ (1989)

Control a cybernetic police officer, step into the world of futuristic law enforcement, and restore order to a crime-ridden city. Armed with advanced weaponry and gadgets, players must navigate through hazardous environments, battle against ruthless criminals, and ultimately confront the nefarious mastermind behind all the chaos. With its combination of action-packed gameplay and sci-fi atmosphere, ‘ElectroCop’ delivers an adrenaline-fueled journey through a dystopian urban landscape.

‘Blue Lightning’ (1989)

‘Blue Lightning’ thrusts players into the cockpit of an advanced fighter jet as they engage in high-stakes aerial combat across a variety of landscapes. With fast-paced gameplay and a standout graphical style, players must navigate through enemy territory, dodge incoming fire, and unleash devastating firepower upon enemy targets. As they progress through increasingly challenging missions, players must showcase their piloting skills and strategic prowess to emerge victorious in this adrenaline-pumping arcade flight experience.

‘Gates of Zendocon’ (1989)

Embark on an intergalactic journey through perilous alien worlds and face off against a horde of deadly adversaries controlled by the sinister Zendocon. Armed with an array of powerful weapons and upgrades, players must navigate through treacherous terrain, blast through waves of hostile creatures, and ultimately confront the formidable bosses guarding the gates to the heart of the Zendocon empire. With its engaging gameplay and sci-fi atmosphere, ‘Gates of the Zendocon’ delivers an epic space-faring adventure that will test players’ skills and courage.

‘Todd’s Adventures in Slime World’ (1990)

In ‘Todd’s Adventures in Slime World,’ players take on the role of Todd, an intrepid explorer navigating through the hazardous depths of Slime World, a sprawling and treacherous alien landscape filled with deadly traps and monstrous creatures. Equipped with an assortment of weapons and gadgets, Todd must traverse through slime-infested caverns, solve puzzles, and fend off hostile slime creatures to uncover the secrets of this mysterious world. With its challenging gameplay and quirky charm, ‘Todd’s Adventures in Slime World’ is a unique platforming adventure that will put players’ skills and wits to the test.

‘Zarlor Mercenary’ (1990)

Step into the boots of a skilled intergalactic mercenary tasked with defending the galaxy from the relentless onslaught of alien invaders. With a powerful arsenal of weapons and piloting a customisable spacecraft, players must navigate through waves of enemy ships, asteroids, and other hazards across various planetary environments. With its fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and intense boss battles, ‘Zarlor Mercenary’ is an exhilarating arcade-style shooter that will challenge players to prove their worth as the galaxy’s ultimate protector.

‘The Epyx Collection Handheld’ for Nintendo Switch allows players to experience these classic games once again, or dive into them for the first time. ‘The Epyx Collection Handheld’ adds:

  • Display Filters — including an 80s-style CRT filter
  • Suspend Points - save and restore up to 4 suspend points per game
  • Live Rewind - rewind up to 5 seconds of live gameplay with the push of a button

‘The Epyx Collection Handheld’ also features an improved user interface, featuring interactive, 3D-rendered, box art and cartridges for each game based on the original releases. Plus, fully remastered versions of each game’s instruction manual. These additions come following fan feedback, and a desire to preserve even more of the incredible history of these games.

‘The Epyx Collection Handheld’ is the fourth retro release on Nintendo Switch for Pixel Games UK, having previously published ‘Chip’s Challenge’, ‘The Monty Mole Collection’ and ‘Hidden — a collection of classic games from the Commodore 64.

‘The Epyx Collection Handheld’ will be released worldwide on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop on April 25th 2024 for £11.99 / $11.99 / €13.99.

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