French developer Souris-Lab has today unveiled its new logic-based adventure title Néro & Sci ∫ Integral Edition . Set to launch on Switch, Néro & Sci invites players to delve into the vibrant world of Heméide, where logic intertwines with adventure in an epic quest to unlock the mysteries of the Synapsian people.

In Néro & Sci, players must navigate through intricate puzzles composed of shapes, numbers, and mathematical symbols. Employing their wits, they are tasked with incredible challenges like manipulating shapes and using vector targets, to overcome the obstacles that are hurdling their path. Players can engage in cooperative combat by playing with their friends in the local co-op mode using a second controller. Together, they can explore captivating environments and immerse themselves in the mesmerizing world of logic-based puzzles.

With 36 levels in the campaign mode and many hidden stages to uncover, this title brings over 20 hours of thrilling gameplay and robust replayability, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for players of all ages.

Néro & Sci is a remastered version of the hit game A Tale of Synapse: The Chaos Theories, that brings new features like:

  • A Revamped User Interface: Enjoy an enhanced user experience with improved accessibility features.
  • Streamlined Checkpoints: Experience smoother progression with checkpoints now available at each puzzle.
  • Challenging Combat Mode: Test your skills in a new mode designed to intensify combat encounters.
  • Refined Puzzle Mechanics: Delve deeper into puzzle-solving with revised mechanics and hints, crafted in collaboration with the French Research Institute for Mathematics Didactics (Institut de Recherche sur l’Enseignement des Mathématiques)
  • Expanded Language Support: Engage with the game in your preferred language, with additional language options available.
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