Wartales, the beloved medieval open-world tactical RPG boasting nearly 20,000 positive Steam reviews with over 90% of them positive, taps the frostiest kegs and invites mercenaries to take a seat at The Tavern Opens! DLC, which will be launching for Switch at a later date.

The base game welcomes a new profession – the Brewer – as well as the highly requested ability to leave companions in reserve. In The Tavern Opens DLC establishes a prosperous tavern, the tried-and-true sanctuary of all soldiers of fortune, travelers, and ruffians. Assemble a loyal staff, recruiting civilians or assigning companions to uphold customer satisfaction, master cooking, and brewing techniques.

Unlock specialized tools to build and design the interior to attract deep-pocketed patrons. Keep an eye on the clientele, there are 15 factions that can visit, each with preferences in food, drinks, music, and decorations. Monitor and climb the tavern ranks to reach heavenly profits. Study and cripple the competition through strategic infiltration.

Send crew members to rival taverns to steal gold and soil their prestige, or instruct Cooks and Brewers to pilfer secret recipes. After all, all’s fair in beer and war! With the right team, tasty ale, corporate espionage, and a little luck anyone can establish a premiere tavern and secure a new funding path for a band of sellswords. Upon resting, manage the tavern remotely, adjust menus, and withdraw profits to fuel a path of tyranny, justice, and infamy.


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