The Nintendo DS ushered in all sorts of new ways to play games, along with all kinds of fresh experiences. One of those unique applications was built right into the DS, and now some fans have made it possible to relive that experience, albeit through a web browser.

PictoChat was a text and drawing-based application that came installed on every single Nintendo DS. The app let you share messages with other DS owners who were within range locally, which usually meant the other players had to be 65 feet or less from you. What was PictoChat all about? It really was nothing more than a silly messaging system to mess around with, but boy was it an absolute blast.

While PictoChat still works on the Nintendo DS, not too many people are carrying that portable around anymore. Jonesing for a PictoChat fix but you don’t have access to a DS anymore? That’s where PictoChat Online comes in! This is a fan-made online service that’s free to access via web browser and it aims to mimic Nintendo’s messaging app in style and features.

Obviously, the big difference here is that you’re now able to chat with others online, which certainly extends the range! Of course, if you do decide to give this service a go, please make sure to stay safe and not share any personal information. You can check out the fan-made PictoChat Online here.

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