As you most likely know, Universal Studios Japan is adding in a Donkey Kong park to their Super Nintendo World attractions, and the star of the show will be a Donkey Kong rollercoaster. Universal Studios Japan has been hard at work on this new section of park for awhile, and it seems the main attraction and expansion in general need a bit more time.

The official X account for Universal Studios Japan has announced that the Donkey Kong expansion is no longer opening in Spring 2024. Instead, park-goers can look forward to the park opening sometime later in 2024. Unfortunately, no specific date was shared, nor did we get details on why the opening was pushed back. Universal Studios Japan did say they apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Just a couple of weeks back it seemed like all was well for the Donkey Kong portion of the park, as new fan footage came in showing much of the park being put through some tests. Perhaps that’s when it was realized that more work was needed before the grand opening. You can check out our original post on the park here.

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