Ratalaika Games is bringing Zombies, Aliens and Guns to Switch on April 26th, 2024. The title is priced at $6 and takes up 82 mb. If you’d like to see what this game is all about, a demo is live on the Switch eShop right now.

A horde of invaders is coming for Earth, and a bunch of soldiers are ready to fight back Aliens have attacked the planet, and they’re turning innocent people into mindless zombies.

It won’t be long before the invaders have destroyed the planet unless somebody with guns stands in their way. That’s where you come in! Lead a cadre of soldiers who are ready to take down every last enemy in their path.

You can fight alone or with a friend thanks to the local co-op mode! Try to beat the 33 levels and unlock all the 7 survival levels and the boss rush mode!


  • 33 levels of carnage
  • 7 survival levels and boss rush mode
  • 2.5D shooting action gameplay
  • Variety of terrain and scenarios
  • Multiple weapons
  • Boss battles

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