Wake up, warrior! A new adventure awaits! From publisher Freedom Games and developer Appnormal Team, it is an honor for the global physical publisher and distributor Tesura Games, to announce Terracotta’s boxed edition. The game releases in a Standard and Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch in Summer of 2024.

In the physical edition of Terracotta, you are one of eight thousand warriors bound to protect the Emperor in his afterlife. But new cosmic energy has chosen you, and your duty is no longer to be a loyal guardian but to unleash all these souls trapped in an eternal curse. Your comrades are not your enemies, even if they seem to think so at the moment!

Puzzle your way through 80+ hand-crafted levels in this uniquely challenging action-adventure game. Master world-shifting abilities, awaken ancient mechanisms, and defeat 8 brutal bosses - balancing cunning and force to rescue the cursed spirits of your fellow warriors.

As the sole uncursed warrior of the emperor’s Terracotta Army, you’ll have to master your ability to channel the Tao, switching between the realms of Yin and Yang to free your fellow 8,000 soldiers from their eternal spell.


  • Shift between the realms of Yin and Yang, within the tomb of the Emperor and his afterlife, looping between death and the afterlife to overcome cursed challenges.
  • Yin is the domain of solitude and tranquillity. The dark, desolate tomb is a fortress, where you can strategize, prepare, and alter the layout to aid your journey.
  • Yang is the realm of the afterlife, light, and action. Execute combat strategies, evade foes, interact with the Taoist elements and overcome ancient traps.

Terracotta Standard Edition for Nintendo Switch includes “Animation Artbook”. Terracotta Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch includes:

  • Full Physical Game (NSW)
  • Collector’s Box
  • Animation Booklet
  • Postcards Book, stunning postcards featuring Chinese history
  • Azure-Winged Magpie Necklace
  • Jade Seals Stickers Sheet
  • OST CD, including tracks composed by Xin Huang that will take you to traditional China

Shift between realms to rescue your fellow warriors and pre-order Terracotta now on main retailers, Amazon and the Tesura Store in Standard and Collector’s Edition! Available in Summer 2024!

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