The Switch, much like the Wii before it, has seen all kinds of wild accessories over the years. Manufacturers have come up with helpful, kooky and downright strange controllers and peripherals for the system, and 7+ years later those kinds of wacky ideas are still being dreamed up.

The latest example comes from indie accessory maker Far East Pinball, and they’ve envisioned a Switch dock unlike any other. If you’re a fan of racing games (retro ones in particular), you might take a liking to the dock above. Older gamers here will note that this accessory takes major inspiration from some classic racing toys/games back in the early 80s, but with a Switch makeover.

This accessory gives you a mini steering wheel, level for shifting, and buttons on the wheel for acceleration and other abilities. It seems a future version of this prototype will move the buttons over to the shift lever for a more classic arcade feel. All of this is topped off with a bit of lighting above the steering wheel for an extra bit of style.

There’s no word on if this accessory will be mass produced, but it’s nice to see a functioning prototype. The final design would obviously be cleaned up a bit, but this is more than good enough for a proof of concept. Not the most comfortable way to play Switch, but it would certainly be fun for a few nostalgic trips.

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