You might remember some years ago that there were rumblings of Samus Aran making her way to Fortnite. There was indeed a season where gaming icons from Microsoft and Sony made their way into the battle royale, and many thought Nintendo would have representation as well. Years later we finally have confirmation that talks took place, but the two sides could never come to terms.

Game File recently spoke to Donald Mustard, a former Epic employee who oversaw a ton for Fortnite. That means he was privy to all sorts of inside information and collab info, and he did indeed have the scoop on Nintendo and Epic looking to work together.

According to Mustard, Nintendo and Epic were indeed chatting about bringing Samus Aran to Fortnite, but Nintendo had some rules that Epic weren’t keen on. While we don’t know the reason, Nintendo apparently wanted Samus Aran to be available as a skin, but only to Switch players. As you know, characters like Master Chief and Kratos are available in Fortnite, and players on any platform can see/purchase them. In other words, Nintendo wanted some very special treatment for Samus.

Epic simply wasn’t okay with this approach, so the deal never came to be. It’s not known if there were other talks or suggestions made to try and bring the deal together, but the end result is the same nonetheless.

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3M ago

This is not surprising. I guess Epic didn't want it badly enough. (And I really don't think Nintendo needed the deal to begin with.)

Also, very funny sub headline!

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3M ago

Yea, I don’t vibe with this at all. As we enter an era of gaming where exclusivity seems to dwindle in relevancy I wonder how much longer Nintendo will keep up the cold shoulder approach to the rest of the industry.

Ultimately I feel like I’ve gained some respect for Epic for not compromising its vision. I'll even give a little props to Sony and Microsoft for being able to play ball with no strings attached.


3M ago

Nintendo has good reasons for doing this. They might not be reasons people like, but past handlings of their IP's outside of their platforms have been poor at best.


3M ago


Considering out of the three Nintendo does by far the most first party exclusives I can see why they are protective of their valuable IP. Sony and MS in comparison let third parties do most of the heavy lifting for them in comparison.

Both Master Chief and Kratos are already officially available on PC anyway. You can’t say the same for Samus so it’s not really a 1:1 comparison.


3M ago

I can respect Epic on some level for not compromising on their policies and general communal ideologies with the game, but they wouldn’t really have gotten much shit for a console exclusive skin in this instance, and also not that many people outside of switch owners give a single crap about Samus/Metroid. Overall a mistake on their part