With E3 officially dead, other companies are stepping up to showcase their games through various means. That very much includes ATLUS, and they’ve revealed plans for a big Summer showcase.

ATLUS will be hosting ATLUS Fes June 8th and 9th this year, and it’s actually an in-person event. This expo will be held at the Bellesalle Akihabara in Tokyo, and best of all, it’ll be complete free for anyone to attend.

Those who head to ATLUS Fes can look forward to going hands-on with a demo of Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, and there’s sure to be more games to check out as well. ATLUS is remaining quiet on other titles for ATLUS Fes right now, but they did mention show-goers can expect merch, stage events and more. That said, ATLUS made it clear that they will not reveal any new titles at the event.

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