Fangamer has added to pieces of merch today, and they come from wildly different games.

First up is a vinyl soundtrack release from the N64 classic, Snowboard Kids. This album includes 17 tracks by the Snowboard Kids Sound Team—Tomohiko Sato (Racjin Co., Ltd.) and Isao Kasai (Racjin Co., Ltd.)—on splatter vinyl, wrapped up in the original art from Snowboard Kids. It’s priced at $29 and you can grab your copy here.


For the legal drinking age gamers out there, Fangamer has also added the Karmotrine Dream Cocktail Recipe Book. Grab your trusty cocktail shaker and the fanciest glass you own, and get ready to mix drinks and change lives!

Karmotrine Dream is a book of cocktail recipes reimagined as five friends’ combined efforts to commemorate their trip to Glitch City (without access to all the synthetic ingredients you can find at VA-11 Hall-A). Each easy-to-follow recipe is accompanied by beautiful stylized photography as well as stories and helpful comment-section crosstalk from our intrepid zine-writers.

There are 25 recipes in all, plus eight mocktail variations, along with a glossary to help you read and recreate each one—from “Bad Touch” and “Frothy Water” to “Zen Star” and “Flaming Moai.” It was written, mixed, and photographed by Bryan Connor, a classically trained pastry chef and the author of Mother’s Cookbook, with design and layout by Audrey Waner.

Karmotrine Dream Cocktail Recipe Book is priced at $29 and you can order your copy here.

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