Nova-box, developer of the critically acclaimed Along the Edge and Across the Grooves, is delighted to announce a lovingly crafted remake of their debut game, murder mystery visual novel Echoes, which launches late May on Switch.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the original mobile-only release of Echoes, and what better way to celebrate ten years of Nova-box’s stellar stories and captivating characters than to go back to where it all began. The new release brings significant upgrades including a total rewrite of the game’s script, extensive improvements to the visual assets, brand-new sound effects, and a remastered and expanded soundtrack.

Echoes is set in the sleepy town of Greenhearth in the rural American Northwest. The sudden death of his best friend Arthur brings NYPD detective Ricky Fox to Oregon’s countryside to begin his own, unsanctioned, investigation.

As Fox, players will search for clues and evidence, interrogate the off-kilter townsfolk, and follow a thrilling tale full of twists and turns in their quest to uncover the dark secrets lurking beneath the unassuming surface. Do beware, however, if you dare dig too deep to find the truth, you never know what horrors you may awaken.

Gorgeous black-and-white hand-painted illustrations evolve and shift with each new chapter, from a soft grey scale to a technicolor-drenched finale, Echoes is a visual treat. Parallel to the changing style, a narrative that delights in surprising you, at once a film noir pastiche, and then seamlessly melting into an 80’s horror flick.


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