Rocket League has announced that the official X-Men ‘97 crossover event is now live, and it’s set to continue until May 7, 2024. The event gives players the chance to unlock special X-Men ‘97 themed items, banners, toppers, and more!

⁠Carry on Professor X’s legacy by completing Challenges to unlock Toppers, Player Banners, and other items inspired by Marvel Animation’s X-Men ‘97 on Disney+. Also, items based on iconic heroes like Cyclops, Wolverine, and Storm have swiped into the Item Shop. Make a pit stop to check out these Decals and more!


⁠⁠⁠Warm up the Blackbird—there are twelve X-Men Challenges that each offer a different reward.

⁠⁠Speaking of the X-Jet, the Blackbird is one of three unlockable Toppers, alongside the Cerebro and Sentinel Head. But first, are you on the side of good or evil? Show where your allegiance lies with three Player Banners, including X-Men, Wolverine, or… Magneto. If you’re one of the heroes, you might also want to swap in the X-Men Wheels.

⁠If you’re as good with a deck of cards as you are with a Soccar ball, then the Gambit Decal is your ace of spades. Every match is more exciting when there are fireworks, so bring the pyrotechnics to the arena with the Jubilee’s Pyrotechnic Energy Boost. Like your energy a bit more… negative? Leave unstable energy wherever you go with the Marvel Crackle Trail.

⁠By completing one of the more difficult Challenges (Play 20 Online Matches), you’ll earn a Golden X-Crate. Open it up from inside your inventory to unlock items from the Champions, Vindicator, or Velocity Series. You can complete this Challenge up to five times, meaning you can unlock up to five X-Crates! There’s also an unlimited Win 10 Online Matches Challenge, which rewards 20,000 XP each time.


From energy beams to weather control and magnetism, it’s fair to say that mutant powers come in all shapes and sizes. Show off the full force of the X-Men with the many Decals and other items in the Item Shop!

⁠First up are two items based on the stand-in leader of the X-Men, Cyclops. Inspire your teammates with the Cyclops Fennec Decal, which replicates Scott Summer’s classic blue and yellow costume. Pair it with the Cyclops’ Optic Blast Boost to zoom off with a red laser beam! When boosting, be careful not to bump into the Rogue Breakout Decal.

⁠⁠Where Cyclops can be found, Jean Grey isn’t far behind. The Jean Grey Dominus Decal features animated flames showing the pyrokinetic power of the cosmic entity that used to control Jean’s mind.

⁠Next up is the Mistress of the Elements. Turn every match into a lightning round with the Storm Breakout Decal. And brighten up the arena even more with the Jubilee Octane Decal complete with shiny sparkles.

⁠How about swapping out the carbon fiber for adamantium? The Wolverine Octane Decal will give your ride retro vibes with Logan’s iconic yellow threads. Celebrate your goals with Snikt! and circumstance with the Wolverine Slash Goal Explosion.

⁠Here’s something that’ll attract attention. Conquer the arena like the powerful leader of the Brotherhood with the Magneto Dominus Decal—a perfect fit for the Mutant Brotherhood Wheels. Control over magnetism not included.

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