For a few years now, Universal Studios Japan has been teaming with Pokémon Co. to bring your favorite Pocket Monster characters to their NO Limit Parade. It seems this has been a successful collab, as the two companies are teaming once again for yet another spectacle.

Universal Studios Japan has announced the Summer 2024 NO Limit Parade is going to showcase Pokémon once again. The event is getting a special name this time around, dubbed the NO Limit Summer Splash Parade, and it seems like it’ll be a really fun way to spot your favorite Pokémon and keep cool as well.

The NO Limit Summer Splash Parade will include a number of dynamic floats that spray water in all different directions, soaking the crowd as the line the streets. There will be both old and new floats to keep an eye out for, including a Gyarados creation that’s sure to splash the heck out of park-goers.

Pokémon aren’t going to be the only Nintendo-related action during the NO Limit Summer Splash Parade, either. Mario and the gang are making their return this year, and this time around Daisy is joining the fun. As for what these characters will be up to, Mario and Pokémon characters alike will be dancing down the streets alongside with riding specific floats.

The NO Limit Summer Splash Parade runs from July 3rd through September 1st, 2024.


UPDATE: As part of the NO Limit Summer Splash Parade, Universal Studios Japan has announced that they’ll be offering a special Gyarados Whirling Smoothie. This drink is a combination of soda and pineapple flavor. This will be offered alongside the previously-mentioned Bulbasaur Melon Soda drink.

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