Patch 2 has been released for Outer Wilds. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Fixed incorrect music playing during certain dark sequences in Echoes of the Eye
  • Fix for getting stuck while viewing slide reels when button prompts are disabled via the Options menu in Echoes of the Eye
  • The Nomai shuttle no longer floats away when recalling it on Ember Twin
  • It is no longer possible to take a scout photo of a certain character before meeting them
  • Fixed some out of order slide reel images in Echoes of the Eye
  • Various fixes to collisions

Art & Visuals

  • Improved the animation of a hologram on Giant’s Deep
  • Fixed a hologram in the Orbital Probe Canon
  • Fixed certain environmental animations in Echoes of the Eye
  • Improved the resolution of a certain easter egg
  • Improved the look of water on Giant’s Deep
  • Improved the resolution of the murals in the Old Settlement
  • Improved resolution of a hologram in the Vessel
  • Increased the resolution of lights in the fog of Dark Bramble
  • Lighting no longer flickers while taking pictures when the Scout is inside Dark Bramble but the player is not
  • Fixed damage effect visuals on ship cockpit so they look more like cracks
  • The color of certain glowing Nomai platforms are now the correct color when viewed from a distance
  • More fixes for assets appearing where they shouldn’t
  • Various fixes for LODs so they match better with their high resolution versions and reduced noticeable LOD popping
  • Various fixes for incorrect, misaligned or missing textures and materials
  • Various lighting adjustments and fixes
  • Fixes for various minor visual issues


  • Improved loading and unloading of assets throughout the game, but primarily in Echoes of the Eye, fixing the issue where sometimes areas would appear white and may not have collisions
  • Quitting to the main menu while playing Echoes of the Eye no longer causes an infinite load
  • Fixed an image that appeared frozen for too long at the end of Echoes of the Eye
  • Various stability improvements for long play sessions
  • Various performance improvements


  • Fixed a rare issue where the Scout’s photos stop being displayed

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