Buy Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes came to Switch just a day ago, and it unfortunately arrived in very rough fashion. The dev team originally said they weren’t even sure they could bring the game to Switch due to the limited hardware capabilities as compared to other platforms, but they managed to pull it off. That said, with the amount of issues, glitches and bugs the game arrived with, many are wondering if the team behind the game should have waited for Switch’s successor.

Following the game’s launch and cries of issues, the Buy Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes team has released a statement pledging to get the game running in tip-top shape in the near future. The day-one update for the game was just the start of the fixes, and you can read all about the planned patch and more below.

We are aware of issues surrounding the current version of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes on the Nintendo Switch and we’re addressing them as a maximum priority. We are diligently researching technical improvements for Switch performance issues, aiming to release this patch at the earliest possible opportunity.

The following known issues have already been fixed in a Day One Patch (Ver 1.0.3) in North America and Europe.

  • Progression issues
  • Graphic display glitches
  • Game balance adjustments
  • Refinement of localised text
  • Updated backer content
  • Game system bug fixes
  • Overall optimisations
  • Improved stability

The distribution of Ver 1.0.3 for Asian regions will be announced soon.

The upcoming Version 1.0.4 patch for the Switch is nearing completion and will address the following issues:

  • Bug that prevents Lam becoming an Ally -A progression bug in the later stage of the main story that blocks entry into war mode.

Thank you once again to our amazing community and press for your feedback and support, we hugely appreciate it. Additional information will continue to be provided.

[Press release]

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