Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games released the exhilaratingly tense roguelite tactical RPG The Last Spell on Switch some time ago, but there’s more content to come. The game’s first round of DLC is dubbed “Dwarves of Runenberg,” and you can see it in action above. We don’t know when it’ll drop for Switch, but we do have details on what it includes.

Dwarves of Runenberg adds a new map in the town of Runenberg, where destructible, explosive crystals and mob-spawning statues will challenge even The Last Spell’s most renowned tacticians. The DLC will also add a new Dwarven character class, a race-specific perks system, and three new weapon types. You can get complete details on this DLC here.

The Last Spell‘s grand battles find humanity’s final Haven surrounded by a relentless evil advancing from all sides. In order to protect the Magic Circle at all costs, players must expertly guide teams of warriors and the Haven’s development against seemingly insurmountable odds and unpredictable attacks, intuitively adapting their strategy as monstrous hordes tear at defensive fortifications to raze the Haven’s supportive inner structures and extinguish the last flicker of humankind.

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