Jeremy Parish details Tetris in Game Boy Works Vol. 2 002

The title that launched a million Game Boys

24 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Jeremy Parish is back at Tetris again. And, just as the simple concept of blocks falling from the sky and piling up until you fill complete rows that cause them to vanish translates into a near-infinitely replayable game, the not-so-simple process of bringing a game created under Soviet collectivism to the West and including it the box with a video game system inspires near-infinite video commentary. Well, something like that.

You can’t talk about the Game Boy without talking about Tetris. The two are synonymous with one another, and the power of these two together pushed the Game Boy into the stratosphere right out of the gate. Super Mario Land no doubt wooed millions of customers early in the Game Boy’s life, but even Mario was nothing next to this absolutely timeless puzzle experience.

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