Nagoya-based developer SAT-BOX is bringing “Our Field Trip Adventure” to the Switch today. The game is priced at $14.50 and takes up 543 mb of space.

The “Bokura” series includes acclaimed past titles such as “Our Fantasy Quest,” “Our Summer Sports,” and “Our Ninja World.” In “Our Field Trip Adventure,” play as Yuto and his friends as they enjoy a school trip in a traditional Japanese setting. Play single player or share Nintendo Joy-Con™ for up to 4 players to join in the fun.

A school trip is all about learning and having fun, having a blast and making memories with your friends! Join Yuto and the usual crew as they embark on a school trip adventure! Share Joy-Con™ and play with up to 4 players! Enjoy “Pillow Fight,” “Rickshaw Race,” “Souvenir Battle,” and more for a total of 10 different missions! Try gathering the Collection Coins for yourself or challenge all missions in order to become a true “Field Trip Master!”


  • [Pillow Fight] Throw your pillow and fight to win!
  • [Karaoke Battle] Sing your heart out in karaoke!
  • [Rickshaw Race] Carry your passengers to the goal on a rickshaw!
  • [Hide from the Teacher] Stay up late playing and chatting and avoid getting caught!
  • [Souvenir Battle] Help at the store and deliver souvenirs!
  • [Grand Spy Operation] Sneak your way to the top floor as a master spy!
  • [Sightseeing Snapshots] Go sightseeing and take the best snapshots!
  • [Pottery Experience] Make pottery to match the picture!
  • [Speed Showdown] Make quick decisions and win in a game of Speed!
  • [Gather the Deer!] Gather deer in your enclosure and disrupt other players!

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