Whisker Waters launches on Switch today

Their lust for fish is insatiable!

25 April 2024
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Today, Maximum Entertainment and developer Underbite are excited to confirm fantasy fishing RPG ‘Whisker Waters’ is out now on Switch! Players on Luna can also embark on a wholesome adventure across land and sea, taking on the challenge to become a legendary Fishing Ranger! Physical versions are available for Switch players from Friday 26th April.

Set in a bright and enchanting world under threat of a mysterious darkness, take on the role of a young kitty with an enormous responsibility. Customise your character and set out on an adventure, developing your angling skills as you go with plenty of fresh fish to catch and a variety of unique fishing tools and techniques.

For many years, the bears, birds and cats lived together in harmony. Adventurers known as Fish Rangers, who used rod and reel as their primary tools, served their communities and united the townsfolk.

Unleashing conflict and plague on the people of the land, the Fish Rangers rallied to the source and halted the spread – diligently the Rangers remained on guard, as generations and slowly faded away into legend.

Now, inspired by stories of the legendary rangers, one young kitty looks to carve out of a tale of their own.

Explore a vibrant and wholesome world with an exciting new chapter around every corner, as you set out to expand your skills and master the art of fishing.

With tons of different fish, tools and techniques to learn, reconnect the 4 regions, reunite the townsfolk and becoming a living legend!

Key Features:


Unlike any other game, Whisker Waters makes fishing the star of the show! Use cool fishing tools to explore and catch all kinds of unique fish. Each fish has its own tricks, making it exciting and rewarding!


Whether you’re a fishing pro or just starting out, this game has something for everyone. Put away your swords and learn to solve challenges with clever fishing techniques!


In Whisker Waters, cats, bears, and birds live together in harmony. Join them, befriend the locals, and help them out. Get awesome rewards and unlock cool gear to use on your journey!


Make your Cat character uniquely yours with tons of cool stuff to choose from. Customize and show off your one-of-a-kind adventurer!


At every turn, a new chapter awaits. Each region is different and possesses its own distinct narrative, inviting you to become part of its tale of adventure, mystery, and companionship. Unravel these stories, and let their enchantment become a part of your journey.

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