LET’S GO, BROS! WayForward are thrilled to announce that the iconic stars of the Double Dragon franchise, Billy and Jimmy Lee, are joining the playable cast of open-world beat-‘em-up River City Girls 2 as downloadable content! These legendary martial artists are busting out of their dojos and will hit the streets of River City on all platforms for which the game is currently available, including Switch. This premium DLC is expected to arrive this summer.

Originally debuting in the 1987 smash-hit Double Dragon arcade game, Billy and Jimmy Lee (not to be confused with Bimmy and Jammy) have been two of the most requested playable characters in River City Girls 2 since the game’s debut. The twin brothers jump into action as distinctive fighters, each with a bone-shattering arsenal of punches, kicks, throws, and special attacks, including trademark moves from their past adventures, such as the spinning cyclone kick, rising knee, and much more. Both characters are also thoroughly integrated into River City Girls 2’s story mode, with full VO from returning voice actors Dan Avidan (Billy) and Arin Hanson (Jimmy) of the Game Grumps. The DLC also adds an epic new vocal song performed by Hanson and Avidan (with music by series composer Megan McDuffee), plus a new dojo master to stand in for Billy and Jimmy while they’re out bustin’ heads.

In addition to the premium content, a free update will be made available to all River City Girls 2 owners, delivering an all-new Double Dragon-themed motion comic, two new shops, new accessories, and more. Further details on this content will be revealed closer to the DLC’s release.

These new inclusions are on top of River City Girls 2’s already robust combat and deep feature set, which includes six existing playable characters, a vast world with eight distinct regions, four-player co-op, online gameplay, numerous weapons, personality-packed bosses, RPG-like character growth, recruits that assist you in battle, dozens of items and accessories to buy and equip, spectacular pixel-art graphics, an anime-style intro, and a critically acclaimed soundtrack.

River City Girls 2 launched digitally in December 2022, following the release of the first River City Girls in September 2019 and River City Girls Zero (a localized version of 16-bit classic Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-tachi no Banka) in February 2022.

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