Arc System Works America, Inc. launched Library of Ruina on Switch today. Players can purchase the game digitally now on the Nintendo eShop.

Library of Ruina follows Fixer Roland, as he mysteriously finds himself in the Library, assisting the director Angela in her search for the “One Absolute Book.” To obtain this book, they must invite Guests to the library and fight them during their reception. Guests who meet their end during their reception are transformed into Books - players can extract Pages from Books, creating equipment for Roland or triggering various effects, expanding available strategies in battle. Winning battles guides Angela and Roland to new Guests, and eventually the One Absolute Book.

There are over 100 hours of content in this Library Battle Simulation title, with many strategies to choose from - adapting to the battle at hand is key to victory!

Developer Project Moon continues to expand its fanbase with unique story settings - Library of Ruina takes place in the same world as its first project, Lobotomy Corporation.This definitive edition also includes the digital soundtrack and artbook DLC from the PC version. This release of Library of Ruina brings the game to life with a new, professional Japanese voice over.

The Library of Ruina cast is filled with vibrant and whimsical characters, including:

● Roland - Voice Actor: Shunsuke Takeuchi: The main character and self-proclaimed washed up Fixer who stumbles across the Library. He serves Angela in her search for the One Absolute Book.

● Angela - Voice Actress: Ikumi Hasegawa: The Head Librarian and director of the Library. She searches for the One Absolute Book to complete the Library’s collection.

● Malkuth - Voice Actress: Natsumi Takamori: The Patron Librarian of the Floor of History. A cheerful hard worker, her strong sense of justice guides her to help others.

● Yesod - Voice Actor: Shinya Takahashi: The Patron Librarian of the Floor of Technological Sciences. With his no-nonsense attitude and proper attire, if he catches anyone looking slovenly, he’ll be sure to clean them up.

● Hod - Voice Actress: Yurina Amani: The Patron Librarian of the Floor of Literature. She has a clam, gentle demeanor and is always looking to be helpful to visitors.

● Netzach - Voice Actor: Junpei Baba: The Patron Librarian of the Floor of Art - a low energy and unmotivated young man. Visitors will often find him laying down, covered in piles of books.

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