Hot on the heels of Lunar Lunar Beyond’s release earlier in the week, Atari wanted to put a shine on the team that made the beautiful cutscenes throughout it: Bewilder. In this episode of the official Atari Podcast, join Nicolas Rix, animation director, and Pieter Jordan, lead compositor, to dig into the process of creating these animations and how they added a new dimension to the world of Lunar Lander Beyond.

Lunar Lander Beyond is now available on Switch, with physical standard and deluxe editions available for preorder on and with retailers worldwide. An all-new adventure based on the classic Lunar Lander space flier, Lunar Lander Beyond is elevated from its simplistic arcade origins thanks to Dreams Uncorporated’s masterful infusion of its signature art style, a narrative-rich storyline, and a captivating universe where not everyone and everything is as it seems. A one-of-a-kind “adventure meets simulation” experience, Lunar Lander Beyond engrosses players with a vast story world and rewarding arcade-inspired gameplay and gravity flier mechanics.

In Lunar Lander Beyond, assume the role of a captain of the Pegasus Corporation flight crew. Guide a crew of intrepid explorers, advisors, and state-of-the-art landers through a series of demanding missions. Soar through the cosmos delivering crucial cargo, extracting valuable resources, and conducting daring rescues across a celestial tapestry of enigmatic moons and captivating planets.

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