Nintendo and JAKKS Pacific have been working together for a very long time to produce all sorts of toys, and that very much includes the Mario Kart Ride-On Racer. That said, the relationship between these two companies will surely be tested today, as a recall has been put out on the above-mentioned rideable kart.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has put out an official recall for the Mario Kart Ride-On Racer, as a serious issue has been discovered. According to the CPSC, if the acceleration pedal on the battery-operated ride-on toy becomes clogged with debris, it can stick after the user’s foot is removed from the pedal, posing a crash hazard.

This recall impacts roughly 17k Mario Kart Ride-On Racers that are out in the wild. So far, there have been at least 65 reports of children experiencing unintended acceleration, 15 of which crashed into some sort of permanent structure. Out of those issues, just one child received injuries from the malfunction.

This recall involves Mario Kart Ride-On Racers with specific date codes only. The vehicles have an 8-character alphanumeric manufacturing date code, in the format of XXXXVEO1, located on the bottom of the blue panel on the vehicle’s underside. The only vehicles subject to this recall have the following date codes: 1752VE01, 1782VE01, 1952VE01, 2242VE01, 2352VE01, 2852VE01, 0583VE01. Vehicles currently being sold are not involved in this recall.


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