Developer RetroStyle Games has announced that they’ll be bringing Ocean Keeper to the Switch at some point in the future. There’s no word on pricing or file size at this time.

In Ocean Keeper, the entire underwater world will be hunting you. Find caves and dig tunnels to obtain valuable resources to upgrade your mech. Combine a vast array of weapons and create your unique build that will allow you to last as long as possible and unravel the mysteries of the ocean.

  • Explore the ocean floor and remnants of civilization on a huge robotic spider.
  • Find deep caves and drill tunnels in search of valuable resources and artifacts.
  • Upgrade mechanisms to survive in this aggressive environment as long as possible.
  • Fight off hordes of sea monsters with a vast arsenal of weapons.
  • Earn meta-currency for complete customization of your robotic spider.

Immerse yourself in a world where the depths of the ocean hide unknown wonders and dangers. A unique adventure awaits you in the exploration of the underwater world.

Travelling on the map

Experience a unique adventure in the underwater isometric world where hidden wonders and dangers await. You will travel across the boundless oceanic expanses and find the lost remnants of civilization.

Farm Resources

Go into forgotten caves and extract rare resources hidden in the darkest corners of the sea floor. As you collect treasures, you will upgrade your equipment and weapons to confront the threats lurking among the coral reefs and sinister underwater currents.


Each new dive will reveal more secrets of the mysterious underwater kingdom, and encounters with sea monsters will test your bravery and survival skills.


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