Belgian indie game studio Rogueside have today announced Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery, coming soon to Switch.

Following the success of their previous title, Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery invites players to uncover brand new secrets, as they experience a charming story across enchanting eras. Capturing what players loved about the previous game, the latest iteration features enjoyment for the whole family with its playful tone, alongside relaxing and cozy 2D gameplay mechanics designed for all ages to enjoy. Featuring beautifully hand-drawn items within interactive landscapes to ignite the imagination through each level, the game invites players on a journey through a serene adventure.

Players can unleash their creativity with the Map Editor, featuring assets from three magical eras including Noir, Victorian and Sci-Fi to create their own intricately crafted maps to share with the community. The Reality Shift feature seen in Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic returns, adding an extra dimension to the search, allowing players to shift between time and season to explore even more.

Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery is a cosy hidden object game that has you searching for hidden objects in hand-drawn, interactive landscapes. Ignite your imagination, unleash your inner artist with the editor and share your masterpieces with the world!

Relaxing Gameplay

A relaxing and cosy experience is ensured as the game doesn’t feature timers or similar mechanics to put pressure on the player. They’re able to enjoy the game at their own speed.

Map Editor

Players have access to assets from all three eras (Noir, Victorian, and Sci-Fi), giving the ability to bring their imagination to life in the Map Editor, where creations can be shared with the community.

Reality shift

Seen in the previous game, Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic, the Reality Shift feature makes a return. This allows players to explore a whole host of new objects as they can shift between time and season, giving more depth to each map, enabling more space for storytelling within one map.


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