Studio poncle never sleeps. Right after announcing the new DLC Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns with the theme of Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI)’s popular IP, Contra (coming May 9th), they’ve surprise-dropped their most ambitious free update yet during the Xbox/IGN showcase. Surprise!!

Described as their first ‘AAAA’ upgrade, the Laborratory Update drops today on all platforms (Xbox One, Xbox S/X, Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android), adding 1 character, 1 secret character, 3 weapons, and 2 stages, including a bonus go-cart racing stage.

Laborratory update Summary

Plunging players into the dark halls of a corrupted science lab, the new Laborratory Update pushes Vampire Survivors to such wild new heights that poncle are calling it their first ‘AAAA’ update. Industry-defining innovations include fully rendered running animations, mind-blowing train physics, go-cart racing, and doors that open.

New stuff!

  • Festive new character: Santa Ladonna.
  • Festive new Weapon: Santa Javelin
  • New Evo: Seraphic Cry
  • New Passive weapon: Arma Dio
  • New Stage: Laborratory. A former pinnacle of weapons science, now overtaken by the forces of evil and a corrupted milk magician.
  • New Stage: Carlo Cart. An abandoned underground railway station where lizardmen run clandestine go-cart races.
  • 7 new achievements!
[Press release]

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