Brought to you by Q-Games, the creators behind such classics as PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Shooter, All You Need Is Help is an innovative cooperative multiplayer game introduces a fresh new way to play with your friends.

Dive into a quirky multiplayer co-op puzzle game where adorable, fluffy cube-shaped creatures collaborate to reach their goals. These creatures, each oddly shaped, jostle against each other to help solve puzzles together. When in trouble, shout “HELP!” and friends will surely come to your aid. With everyone’s strength, turn friendships into friend-shapes!

The game’s intuitive, straightforward controls mean that anyone can jump right in. You’ll control creatures that are shaped differently as you progress through each level, to clear challenges. Although these creatures can move around freely, they cannot rotate, necessitating the need for teamwork to solve the puzzles. Join forces to overcome obstacles and reach your goals together!

The simple controls allow the creatures to express various voices based on their situations. By using the voice feature, you can enjoy lively gaming sessions with distant friends as if they were right next to you.

Whether you prefer playing locally or online, the game supports four players in any configuration. This cooperative-centric game is designed for enjoyment across generations—from children to grandparents—making it perfect for family and friends.

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