The new ‘Fall Forever’ Update invites Beans on an endless exploration of the Blunderdome with a brand new Mode! In ‘Explore’ Mode an infinite expanse of Levels is waiting for you to enjoy. Play as long as you want to and then collect your rewards…. The Fall Forever Update Launches May 7!

With Explore Mode, there’s less waiting and near endless levels to have a chill time with friends. Explore keeps the party going with a non-stop pool of creator made levels for you & your party to dive into! Not feeling the Level? Skip to the next one! Explore has been built with the feedback from Shows like Unexplored Adventures, see below for the features that make up this new Mode.

The devs heard you don’t like waiting so this mode allows you to queue up for the next level the moment you cross the finish line.

Not feeling a Level? We’ve added a Skip function that will let you hop onto the next Level whenever you like.

Explore is a 10 player mode with matchmaking so you can meet new players and make new friends.

For courses (formerly called races), timers have been set to 30 minutes to allow you to take the time you need. Since other beans can move onto the next level even if you haven’t finished, you don’t have to worry about holding back other players.

Had a long play session and need a break? Feel free. Rewards will be waiting for you based on how many Levels you’ve completed. You will also earn progress towards Challenges and the Fame Pass whenever you play Explore.

Explore levels will be populated from an ever evolving algorithm of the most liked and newest creator made rounds. It is key for never before rounds to be in Explore so that it feels endless and so the devs can find the next great level. If you enjoy a level, let it be known with a like. If you load into a level you don’t care for, just hold the skip button and continue to explore. Levels will also automatically update if changes are detected. This means creators can update levels based on player feedback and see their changes go live.

Fall Guys is better together, so Mediatonic have added ways for you to help and communicate with others. Use these new social features to better play as a team or offer help to other players.

You can now request help from your fellow bean by pressing the ‘Piggyback’ button. Once pressed you will see a Piggyback request appear above your Bean & when another player accepts you will be able to hop on their back. Piggyback lets two players connect together, with one carrying the other through tricky troubles or just for fun! Once you’re done you can hop off their back whenever you like.

Easily let other Beans know what you’re thinking with new Social Wheels. With Emoticons, and eight Quick Phrases, you can share how you feel with a flick of the wheel!


There have been multiple adjustments to creative to give you more options.

  • More stickers to decorate your Levels with!
  • Creative levels can now last longer! Up to 30 minutes!
  • An aesthetic tweak that allows you to design levels without showing off checkpoints.
  • Inspire some wild victories with the new Jungle Background for Creative Rounds!
  • Add even more versatility to your Creative Levels with Rotation Controllers, allowing you to set a selection of objects to rotate. We’re excited to see what you create with this new tool!
  • Increased the maximum value of some objects you can place in Creative such as Slime Floors, Spinning Plates, Fans, Pendulums and more!


Mediatonic have made some significant changes to the bean and gameplay to make your time in the Blunderdome an overall better experience. Many of these changes have been guided by the Fall Guy’s community feedback and the team is excited to get your thoughts once they roll out.

The devs made some adjustments to the way the bean reacts to physics to reduce frustrations and deliver a more fun gameplay experience. You will still ragdoll when hit by obstacles but you will notice we’ve reduced moments where you ragdoll when you really shouldn’t. An example of this is when you’re going fast, land on your feet and then find yourself rolling on the floor. In addition to this, we’ve increased the speed of getting up and recovering from a knock, meaning you can get back into the race faster!

Your jump height and acceleration has been adjusted also, meaning all jumps will now have more leniency and you will reach top running speed faster. We believe this will make Fall Guys more fun, dynamic and a bit more forgiving

The devs want players to have a bit more control to reposition their bean when airborne, and to save themselves from elimination if they find themselves being yeeted through the sky.

You will see a landing market below your Bean when performing big jumps to guide you to a safe spot. You will be able to turn this off in settings for those that don’t wish to use it.


Due to the improvements above, you may find you need to make changes to your Creative Levels.

Players can make jumps they couldn’t before: This could mean players can jump out of your Level or find ways to navigate obstacles in new ways.

Launchers don’t yeet as far: If you’ve used a Yeetus or Flipper to cross a gap, it’s worth checking to make sure that leap is still possible due to the changes we have made to the Bean physics/ragdolling.

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