Lucid Dreams Studio is behind Biomorph, a dark, action-packed 2D soulslike Metroidvania set in a sprawling, gorgeous hand-drawn 2D world where enemies are everywhere – and their powers are fair game. Biomorph is confirmed for a Switch release sometime in 2024, and while we wait for a more exact date, the team has been sharing some insight into how the game came to be.

In Biomorph, players must use their skills to explore a vast, varied world. Solve puzzles and platforming challenges, fight deadly monsters and take their shapes to use their powers. But beware – every conquered creature can come back with new and even more threatening powers.

In an interview with Game Rant, Lucid Dreams’ co-founders Maxime Grégoire and Francis Lapierre spoke up about the many inspirations behind BIOMORPH, and it turns out a pair of Nintendo powerhouses steered the team.

We wanted to make a Metroidvania with a twist. Something that has never been done before. So the idea we came up with, that Maxime had at the beginning, was to create a game like Kirby or Super Mario Odyssey where you throw the hat, and then you become the monster. So we said, “Well, this seems to be the perfect feature for Metroidvania,” and we didn’t see anybody who did that.

We wanted to make a game where the players still have both. You can play as the main character, or you can transform yourself and all the monsters and play with them, it’s just a huge toolbox and each of those monsters has special abilities or different weapons that you can use in combat or exploration. We wanted a game where you could keep switching between modes to have fun with different approaches, and this is what the feedback we have so far.

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