Contra: Operation Galuga has received an update. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Forced quit error
  • Game freeze after stage clear
  • Music bug fix

Stage 1

  • Fixed cutscenes

Stage 2

  • Enemy animations
  • Hit detection in boss battles

Stage 4

  • Respawn position in certain areas
  • Progression halt under certain conditions

Stage 6

  • Unable to progress during the boss battle
  • Hit detection of the boss battle
  • Boss attack animation
  • Hit detection of flamethrower trap

Stage 7

  • Unable to progress with certain characters

Stage 8

  • Fixed cutscenes
  • Charge animation of mid-boss
  • Unable to progress on certain difficulty levels when ontested
  • Processing rematch after game over in boss battles
  • Acid ride levelling logic
  • Fixes for weapon process
  • Charge Spread
  • Homing beam
  • Counter (Overload)
  • Barrage (Overload)

Arcade mode

  • Weapon pod energy stocks between stages

Challenge Mode

  • Bugs when retrying the run

Other fixes

  • Improvement of overall stability
  • BGM stops on certain difficulty stages
  • Character hit detection while crouching
  • Unable to operate when using certain perks
  • Respawn causing player to fall into terrains
  • Positioning of enemies appearing from the ground
  • Process when restarting after game over
  • Other minor bug fixes

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