Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition, the frenzied multiplayer arcade space shooter from Three Flip Studios featuring a multitude of blob-based minigames, pulverizes sticky space rivals on Switch tomorrow.

Unleash a jiggly zero-gravity barrage as one of four adorable space jellies in the hilarious home adaptation of the hit indie arcade game where the last blob blobbing wins. Snack on floating space tacos and super burritos to heal up quick! Dart around and latch onto weapon crates for explosive growth, becoming a bioweapon of mass destruction. Boss-sized blobs reign supreme with larger health bars while wielding an impressive arsenal of 16 unique weapons, including rocket launchers, blades, and lasers! Smaller blobs can dash donuts around the less nimble competition in hopes of landing a well-placed, fully-charged dash attack to topple them.

Throw down with up to four friends or family in multiple battle modes including Stock, Deathmatch, and Combo King, or focus your inner ghee in the Blob Dojo, a limitless single-player sandbox mode to level up those dash skills. For a more peaceful galaxy, call a cease-fire and form up to compete in 2-v-2 sports modes including football, soccer, and dodgeball, or chow down on tasty space tacos in the high-energy eat-em-up mode, Food Fight.

Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition encourages extensive game mode customization to make every party pop off. Go all out in a chaotic rockets-only match or sharpen those katanas and dash and slash to victory in a melee-only match. Need to fill a room? Add CPU competitors with five difficulty levels to practice and master the art of blob warfare. Be first to discover some unexpected crossover collabs with three secret characters from some truly beloved fandoms.

Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition features the voice talent of Brian Sommer (Diablo III and League of Legends) as well as the work of legendary sound designer Jory Prum (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us). Jory produced the game’s excellent SFX and fully mastered the Original Soundtrack’s 21 eclectic jazz and retro music tracks in collaboration with some truly stellar musicians including Chris Huelsbeck (R-Type, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron), Paul O’Rourke (Psychonauts 2, Hack n Slash), and Zac Zinger (Street Fighter V, Final Fantasy XV).

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