If there is one element of the Switch that is underutilized, it’s the Joy-Con IR Camera. Not too many games actually make full use of HD Rumble, but the IR Camera is far more neglected. Even Nintendo themselves ignores the Joy-Con feature most of the time, but finally a third party is stepping to do what Nintendon’t.

Bruce the Box is quite an interesting game even when you don’t consider the IR Camera use. The game focuses on a character who lost all their clothes after losing a bet. Now they have to make their way home while hiding their shame with a box. Think you can sneak home without attracting attention?

As you can see in the videos, Bruce the Box is all about the Joy-Con IR Camera. It also helps if you have a cardboard box big enough to step into, but there’s no doubt other ways to trick the IR Camera for play. By lifting and lowering the box at appropriate times, your goal is to speed your way home as quickly as possible. If you don’t cover up with the box when nosey people are about, you’re going to get yourself in some serious trouble!

While the game isn’t listed on the North American Switch eShop, Bruce the Box does indeed include an English translation. The game launches in Japan as of today, so if you can’t wait to pick this one up, you can snag it from the Japanese eShop without worry of a language barrier. It’s likely the game will make its way onto the eShop worldwide at some point, and we’ll let you know if/when that happens.


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