Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya, the cozy restaurant simulator set in the Touhou Project universe from developer Dichroic Purpilion and publisher Phoenixx, cooks up a fresh experience for the Nintendo Switch today.

During the day, players procure ingredients and interact with residents of Gensokyo, while at night, they operate the izakaya. The basic flow of the game involves welcoming various customers every night with delicious dishes and aiming to create an izakaya beloved by the residents of Gensokyo!

Plenty of replay value and enjoyable elements await you! As you progress through the story, you’ll encounter new locations and characters, as well as additional customization options for the protagonist. Enjoy various enjoyable elements alongside the voluminous story, all presented with beautiful graphics!

This work is a compilation of the following elements: the same-name software released in the past and its downloadable content.

  • Forest of Magic & Youkai Mountain (DLC1)
  • Former Hell & Chireiden (DLC2)
  • Myouren Temple & Divine Spirit Mausoleum (DLC3)
  • Garden of the Sun & Shining Needle Castle (DLC4)
  • Makai & Lunar Capital (DLC5)

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