Kristala is an upcoming Switch RPG that’s filled to the brim with anthropomorphic cats. As a feral warrior blessed with the gift of Kristala, you must master the six magic specialties of the sacred Kristals to join ranks with the famed Raksaka warriors. Simultaneously, you must uncover the source of a terrible curse that has transformed planet Ailur’s creatures into mutated monsters.

The team behind Kristala is aiming to make a rich and believable world for players to explore, and they’re really going the extra mile to make the game’s world immersive. That includes creating a brand-new language for the game, and believe it or not, even this aspect has been inspired by cats.

In an interview with Game Rant, Astral Clocktower’s founder Alexis Brutman talked about how they hired a linguist to come up with this new language.

She started with the written form, because she wanted a language that looked like cats had scratched it into sand. She made each letter like an equivalent letter that had its own sound attached to it that looked like a cat had scratched it into sand with their claws … Say I’m typing in the word cat, for example: the font gives me the three Ailuran characters and then I can look up in my guide what sound that makes and I have a word. So that’s how she did it.

[Astral Clocktower’s founder Alexis Brutman]

If you’re wondering if the language will just be written, that won’t be the case. While you’ll be able to see the text/font for this language all over the place, characters will also speak it. As to what it’ll sound like, it’ll be a deeply-researched combination of all sorts of languages and linguistic rules that should result in something quite original.

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